Driveway alert system: keep your home safe from intruders

Posted: September 24, 2014 in Business & Customer Service
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Dakota Alert 3000 SeriesSafety measures are an unsaid, mandatory business for all kinds of spaces. While corporate houses have really no two ways here, people with smaller homes have the liberty to skip the privilege. Security is a huge concern among homeowners with huge properties. Lengthy driveways are a commonplace addition to these spaces, which require more security than any other aspect of the property. Even though driveway alert system is a preventive measure, it is a highly important one as it helps the homeowner to keep intruders and unwanted visitors at bay. After all, who would not want to keep a track of all those barging in and out of the property? This is one of the primary measures to ensure that you and your family are safe from untoward incidents caused by intrusion.

Types of driveway security alerts

A drive way alarm constitutes three basic variants, depending on what you want detected. The motion detector type shoots of in the presence of vehicles, people, even animals. Devices of this kind are standalone products that consist of both the sensor and the transmitter. Yet another type is one that detects vehicles alone. The magnetic sensor lodged within the vehicle sends signals to the transmitter box that may be planted at a proximal range within the premises. The third kind uses an air hose for releasing alerts. Your selection will depend on the possible disturbances in your vicinity. For instance, the first type will be ideal for snuggled up properties flocked with all kinds of intruders. The second type will serve the purpose for private parking lots or garages packed with other vehicles. The third is the strongest of all preventive measures you can take for your vicinity as well as your vehicle. It would be the best way of keeping a sharp eye on the movement of your car.

Criteria for selecting the right wireless driveway alert system

You will have to look at two things to get hold of the right preventive security alert system for your driveway. Your first criterion relies on the transmission range, or the distance between the transmitter and the receiver. Take out your measuring tape and determine the minimum distance required to tick off the receiver. In case of interference caused by metallic objects or trees, consider at least two-thirds of a greater distance from the actual distance between the detecting product ranges. While your priority lies in selecting the right alarm type as per your needs, it is also essential to select the right brand for the purpose. Select from a variety of wireless branded products with varying transmission ranges. Extensive driveway owners must consider products with a wider transmission range. The best product would be that which allows for a range of at least 1000 feet. Some devices have the capability of detecting obstacles at a distance of 2500 feet as well. Bigger your pathway home, wider the detecting range. Another way of buying these products would be by their price range, if you have budget constraints. The company website will give you more information in this regard.


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